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Be a member of the Airlite Academy!

Airlite Academy is the community that helps you grow professionally, keeps you up-to-date and motivated, by introducing you to new products and the latest technologies to help make easier, dealing with the ever-changing market.

Airlite Academy, the future is now


Why Airlite Academy?

Airlite Academy is born from the increased awareness of the Client in demanding that products are not just non-toxic, but that they help to improve the air quality in our environment, which in turn becomes an essential tool in the protection of the environment and of our own health.

Our Airlite technology allows all of this because:

  • It is completely natural.
  • It does not contain chemical and oil derivate binders
  • VOC level is equal to 0,1g/l

Airlite is therefore, a powerful application for the sector.

The idea for the Airlite Academy is to inform and train professionals about this unique product that is applied as a paint but contains a multiplicity of technologies such as: anti-pollution, anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-odor and self-cleaning.

In fact, Airlite is a new generation high performance, multifunctional and a 100% natural paint that reduces air pollution, eliminates odors, prevents the growth of mould and destroys harmful agents.


Furthermore, thanks to its self-cleaning property, it prevents dirt deposit on the surfaces.


Thanks to Airlite, the internal and external walls of the buildings and infrastructure stop being passive and merely decorative and they become an active part of the increased quality of life for everyone.

Become an Airlite professional

Our company believes that training and knowledge are essential conditions in order to be successful.
Airlite Academy is addressed to all professionals in the architecture/construction sector who are conscious and interested in the use of innovative technologies.

In a very competitive sector, paying attention to new materials - that do not just protect and give benefits only to the clients, but also to the professionals who apply them – is an essential characteristic in order to distinguish and grow your own business.

How to participate

For information on Airlite Academy and how to participate please fill out the form below.